Curriculum & Instruction


The goal of the technology curriculum is to offer ideas, support, and training to enable and prepare our students, teachers, and staff to be successful users of technology and thus successful learners.

Our technology curriculum follows the model for our building in that we offer a progressive spiraling curriculum that allows for collaboration and interdisciplinary studies to be done alongside our classroom/grade-level curriculum. The Archdiocese of Chicago has adopted the International Society of Technology Educators standard's as the official standards of the Archdiocese. These evolving standards are aligned with creating an environment for learning, teaching, and collaborating in the digital age. The seven main standards are infused throughout the entire learning curriculum of our school.

In addition to training systems and typing, students are exposed to and are able to discuss age appropriate topics of the social, economical, moral, and ethical aspects of technology in our global world.

Digital literacy begins even at the tender ages at Saint Theresa School. The excitement of video, gaming, and interaction take learning to a whole new level. While most look at games as just that, the cognitive thinking, reasoning, and decision making skills are built every time a kid moves their mouse, clicks on a box, or decides what to choose. Manipulation of mouse and keyboard builds physical development of fine and large motor skills. The decision and choices offered through interactive play invoke thought, and the carefully guided share activities ensure that students are still thinking about their choices.

As learners progress, more complex technological concepts and operations are discussed, but a major focus is the interaction of the student with technology. Assessments are through direct observation by the instructor. Students progressively develop the skills required to navigate computer systems, internet systems, and function in the system's environment. Through the use of interactive games, classroom teachings are reinforced and built using technology.

Safety is a number one concern and you'll find that the Saint Theresa network is one of the safest school networks around. We employ strict content filtering and group policies to keep our students safe when connected to the network and the internet. They are also taught how to be responsible digital learners including learning danger signs from using the internet.